Importance of WIC

“I believe it is important to participate in WIC because of the many opportunities it can provide a woman. Being an active member in WIC can allow you to network with others that share the same passion. I value being a part of WIC because it allows me to promote women in technical fields, empower myself, and connect with faculty, staff, and other women on a professional and social level. In a field where women are still a large minority, I believe it is important to make a network through WIC.” -Stephanie Wethington, Graduate Assistant for Women In Computing


Responses from Women in the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering


“I sometimes struggle with issues such as the imposter syndrome or biases towards myself and others. Having a network for women in computing has helped prevent or change such biases.” – Anonymous


“It is very important to become active leaders in society, especially in this school. Often times, we as women’s leadership has been devalued by men because they view women who are strong leaders as dominating which relates to negative stereotypes of women. It would be great to network with women that have overcome this sort of stereotype.” – Prianka Rayamajhi, Graduate student in HCI/d


“It is very valuable to network with other women especially in technology, given there are very few in the field. It helps in understanding various challenges, how to balance personal and professional life and what to expect in the professional world.” –¬†Jasleen Kaur, PhD student in Informatics


“I feel excited to be a part of a network for women in computing and thoroughly enjoy meeting other wonderful women in this field as I get to learn a lot from each individual. I think this networking is extremely necessary as I foresee the opportunities that might come my way in the future, moreover, learn a way to handle them.” – Shivika Thapar, Graduate student in Library and Information Science


“I think it’s very important. This helps women to have a voice and to help one another throughout their careers. We can lean on one another and continue to grow and realize that we are not alone.” – Tori Rice, Graduate student in HCI/d